Hard Facts

There are numerous viruses that can be classified as coronaviruses, many of which are not harmful to human beings. This is why this particular strain of coronavirus is called SARS-CoV-2 and the disease that it causes is named COVID-19, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

COVID-19 symptoms simplified: Cough, fever, difficulty breathing, muscle pain, fatigue – ECDC.

  • COVID-19 prevention simplified: Avoid contact with sick people, wash your hands with soap and water, cover coughs and sneezes with your upper arm or a tissue. Never cough in the direction of someone else. Regularly disinfecting commonly-used surfaces with antimicrobial detergents is also recommended.

  • The COVID-19 is believed to be transmitted via respiratory droplets and mostly via coughing and sneezing, says the ECDC.

  • People of Asian descent are not more likely to get COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests we “stop fear by letting people know that being of Asian descent does not increase the chance of getting or spreading COVID-19.”

  • The CDC recommends wearing non-medical cloth masks in public settings where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Recent research has shown that asymptomatic people (infected people not showing any symptoms) could be spreading the virus as they move about in public. The cloth face coverings recommended are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators – these critical supplies must continue to be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), healthy people taking care of infected people should also wear masks.

  • There is currently no evidence to suggest that products shipped from affected areas in China could transmit the virus, says the CDC.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) says that washing your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitiser is still one of the best lines of defence but that hand dryers are not effective in killing this virus or other flu viruses. Paper towels are preferable. 

  • There is currently no vaccine for the COVID-19 available. However, vaccination for seasonal flu is recommended.

  • Rinsing your nose with saline or medicated spray does not help to prevent transmission of COVID-19 – WHO

  • People of all ages can be affected by the virus but the elderly and people with chronic conditions seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness - CDC

  • Taking antibiotics will not help to prevent you from being infected with COVID-19 or any other virus – WHO




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