Dr Denis Cronson

Director (MbBch, MBA)
Dr Denis Cronson has almost 20 years’ experience in the corporate health and wellness industry. And is an authority in the field of Corporate Health and Wellness with a particular focus on Executive Health risk and HIV/Aids Management.

Dr Jedd Myers 

Director (MbBch, MBA)
Dr Myers’ true passion lies in the development, implementation and optimisation of large scaled health care systems with the capability of delivering care to thousands of lives. With a proven track record in the world of chronic disease    management, disease screening, Occupational and Executive Health.

Dr Jonny Orelowitz

Director (MBBCh, MBA, Gastroenterologist, Specialist Physician)
Dr. Jonny Orelowitz is a medical doctor, gastroenterologist and a founding member and director of HealthLogix. Dr. Orelowitz is responsible for strategic development and also acts as clinical director for both HealthLogix and Health|Insite.

Dr Anton Janse Van Rensburg

Chief Medical Officer – ExecCare (MbBch, MSc, AMP)
A clinician with over 20 years experience, Anton heads the clinical team at ExecCare. Specific focus areas include Executive Health and Wellness, Nutrition and Integrative Medicine. Anton is also a highly sought after keynote speaker and performance coach.

Dr Alex Stuart

Chief Medical Officer – OccuFit (MBChB, DOM)
Dynamic and experienced occupational health medical practitioner with over 15 years full time experience. Works in a number of different industries as an occupational health consultant.