There's laughable side to lockdown

Author: Kate Cross


It’s safe to say that it’s been a pretty miserable start to 2020, what with corona dominating our thoughts, restricting our movements and ultimately claiming lives. 


However, the saying goes that ‘If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry’ and social media has certainly risen to the occasion.


We’ve trawled the internet for some coronaviral stories that are sure to make you chuckle, not to trivialise the situation, but to provide some much-needed comic relief and remind everyone that we’re all in this together.


And with a 2017 paper in Advances in Physiology Education explaining that humour helps reduce stress and anxiety and increase motivation, hopefully these crackers do the trick.


Melanie Scrofano @MelanieScrofano


“There’s no greater reminder that you’re trapped in a house with 3 boys than the sound of urine crashing into the toilet from a high altitude a billion times a day.”


5:42am, 29 March 2020

Juliann @2tonshorty


“If this #QuarantineLife keeps up, I'm going to need dressier sweats.”


7:39 AM, 29 March 2020



Brad Penman


Documenting his escapades (text messages) via Facebook, this guy picks fights with complete strangers. 


Brad: "Bonjourno


My name is Brad and due to this social distancing I'm bored AF so I'm texting random numbers to pick fights, you in?"


Stranger: "I have had 7 kids there isn't a fight I'd lose"


Brad: "I bet you pee a little every time you laugh or cough?"


Stranger: "That made me laugh loud"


25 March 2020



Jessie @mommajessiec


“Husband: I was thinking later we could—


“Me: I have the coronavirus.”


8:16 AM, 11 March 2020



Vinod Chhaproo @Chhapiness


“Quarantine day 4 - Now Wife and I are communicating with each other, by rage loading the dishwasher”


12:59 AM, 19 March 2020



Keefy @keithhundt5


“Countries tackling covid19!

“India – Lockdown

“Italy – Lockdown

“Spain – Lockdown

“Germany – Lockdown

“France – Lockdown

“Ireland – Lockdown

“NZ – Lockdown

“AUSTRALIA - Keep hair cuts under 30mins”


7:47 PM, 25 March 2020



Byron Kaye @byronkaye


“If you think people’s moods are bad now, wait until September when 12 million adults try to put on non-elasticised pants.”


11:03 AM 31 March 2020





“Is that hand sanitiser in your pocket, or are you just happy to be within 6 feet of me?”


5:04 PM, 26 March 2020, Reddit



Jokes aside


Didn’t crack a smile? Maybe these jokes aren’t your kind of humour. If, however, you’re struggling to see a bright side and anxiety or other mental health problems are taking over, consider seeking support from a trusted friend, family member or an appropriate mental health professional.