Our Additional Services

We offer executive training, workshops and webinars on the following:

  • Life skills (mental resilience, stress management & general mental health)

  • Work skills (remote working, WFH morale management & productivity tracking)

  • Coronavirus pandemic survival skills (home care, prevention and caring for an infected loved one)


These are delivered virtually either through Zoom or Webex.

Executive training - one-on-one

Workshops - up to 12 pax

Webinars - unlimited attendees

If you are an employer looking for for more health and wellness related content, please ask about our digital wellness products




South Africa Only

This is a month to month service offering:

  • Coronavirus Clinical Hotline - Limited to corporate employees

  • Coronavirus Clinical Hotline - Extended to family of employees

  • Doctor Consultations - Based on risk assessment and the need for further investigation

  • Pathology - Dependant on protocol required

  • Monthly management of patients - This applies only when the call line is shut down by the corporate but there are still cases under management

Jacqueline Chisvo - jacquelinec@healthinsite.net

Benita M. Stander - benitas@healthinsite.net

Trina Findlay - trina@healthlogix.com.au

Craig Deane - craig@healthlogix.com.au

South Africa sales team - bdadmin@healthinsite.net

For a quotation on our additional services please contact:


South Africa:
Tel: +27 (0) 861 066 666
Tel: +61 (3) 9510 6799




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